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mypictr - we make your profile picture
mypictr - we make your profile picture
Very handy online utility that helps to create a thumbnail of predefined size from an uploaded picture. Why is this functionality missing from 'big' editors?
PTViewer is an open and free Panorama viewer. It is written in the Java language (v.1.0.4) and should run in any java-enabled browser. From Version 1.4, there is an additional Java-application which runs without any browser on Java 1.1 installations.

Its main features are:

* Spherical and Cylindrical Panorama Playback: Horizontal field of view: 360 deg, Vertical field of view 0-180 deg.
* Playback of Quicktime VR panoramas (Cylinders and Cubes) and Object movies using PTMViewer extension.
* Display of rectilinear Images using optional PTZoom extension.
* Panning, tilting and zooming. Full navigation using either mouse or keyboard.
* High Quality bilinear rendering as found in better plug-in viewers, and unlike many other java viewers.
* Antialiasing for display of high resolution images.
* Image and window size only limited by system memory.
* Link any document to any point in the image using hotspots.
* Configurable Controls in Appletwindow.
* Complete VR-Tours in Browsers and Appletviewer.
* Scriptable via html/javascript and internal scripting system
* Tiny file size (<25kByte) for fast download.
* Package all files into one self-displaying tour using the Jar-utility.
* Display 3D-objects, Panorama Movies and animations using auxiliary helper applets included in the distribution.
* Supports fast downloading low resolution preview panoramas and high resolution zoomable features (ROI).
* Optional protection of panoramas and images by encryption.

This is a very impressive java applet for panoramas with lots of extensions (i.e. a rotating compas, images that can be placed into the panorama and more)
UnBlur - image deblurring software - John Costella
UnBlur - image deblurring software - John Costella
In 1999, I happened to pick up a book in the local library documenting the photographic evidence of the JFK assassination. Looking through its pages, I realised that many of the photographs and film frames were blurred - usually because the person taking the photograph or film moved during the exposure. It got me thinking about how such blurring might be removed using computers.

He found a way and we all can try out the algorithm in a downloadable exe. Very nice.
Polaroid-o-nizer adds a nice white 'polaroid' frame around your pictures.
Colorization Using Optimization
Colorization Using Optimization
A simple semi-automatic colorization algorightm with quite impressive results. Gives your monochrome photos that begin-of-the-century-manually-colorized-photo touch