Merry christmas 2008


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merry christmas 2007

Merry Christmas everyone
Changes on the blog
I've made some small adjustments to this blog.
The number based URL's are from now on redirected to human readable ones. I'm curious if it really does give the good vibes to search engines. It sure makes interpreting statistics easier.
I've also added a small toolbox under each article that links out. It shows a snapshot of the link and a couple of useful references, which i.e. help to find an archived version of the page easily, in case the link got stale. This toolbox is visible only on article pages, not on the main page.
New blog skin and backend
The day has come again to introduce a new skin for this blog.
Actually, a completely new back end.
I've rewritten the whole blog from scratch using codeigniter as the framework and it was a real pleasure to work with. The front end, on the other hand, is using some moofx trickery to move things around.
So good bye b2, you've done well and I'm grateful for that.

I'm using this blog as a linkdump and I need to be able to find stuff when I need it, so I've built in some features that work for me. If they work for any of you guys and gals visiting my blog, just browse around and enjoy your stay.

Oh and last change, the blog has moved to a new domain,
New skin
Yes, I guess it's that time of the year again. :o)

The blog is getting new looks and I've used the opportunity to include some minor improvements too.

This theme is finally more colorful again thanks to Flickr image sharing service.
And to compensate for the recent lack of visual stimuli, it's a lot more colofrul ;)

Behid the scenes a lot has changed.
The CSS is completely rewritten to be leaner and cleaner.
Javascript Behaviors are introduced to provide a framework for subtle UI improvements.
This has immediate positive effect on the live search. The site now collects clicktrough info on each URL and shows the most relevant articles first.
New look
Bye bye Frosty Marsh Moss, welcome Minimalism.

The default skin of my blog is changing.
This minimal skin was available before, it's only slightly modified to give more space to the content.

I hope you don't dislike this design. The moss pic was eating my bandwidth away. When my account catches breath, I might come some with something more colorful again :o).

To those of my fellow visitors who liked the moss skin:
It's not gone. It's just less prominent now.
Please feel free to bookmark this site using the good old frosty juicy moss skin; it should still be available for quite some time.
minimalistic blog skin
For minimalists and people reading this blog from work, here's a black-and-white, small font skinned Minimalistic Butcher Blog and it's tech only version.

Just bookmark the link that suits you.
And as every year around this time, a small redesign.
I've made the photo in the bubbling swamps of the Amsterdam Forrest :)
The archive was getting a bit too long, so it's a dropdown list now.
The rest stays the same; mostly notes to myself, linkdump, occasionally a little rant.
Enjoy. I do.

BTW, the old theme is not gone, it still lingers around here
Well it's almost a year since the last redesign, so a new one is due ;)

This blog is mostly used as a linkdump and "notes to self", but there are around thousand hits on it every day.

So I hope you guys and gals like the new, 'lighter' look.

As usually, feel free to comment :o)