Usability resources
Frontend Usability InfoCentre - a bunch of interesting articles on web usability
Salted Herring
salted herring. Amazing.
Usable Web
Usable Web - 1300 links about web usability
MagusNet Anonymous Public Proxy Server - a public proxy running on SSL. Very interesting.
And as we're talking SSL, check out stunnel running on OpenSSL
Let's have a look at the contemporary DHTML API:
The 1K DHTML API pretty cool considering the size. Can not do much though without significant amount of programming. has a bunch of examples Everything's really MOVING there but do I need that? ;o) It DOES have a working Drag-Drop example and that's cool.
Dynamic Duo DynAPI has a whole bunch of examples including 21 different widgets

Allright I stop right there, because scott andrews seems to be maintaining a whole list of DHTML API's

If anyone has experience with any of these, please comment...

Web Developer References
VisiBone - nice tols for we developers. Palettes, programming reference cards etc...
Unicode Character Browser
Letter database: Languages, character sets, names etc...

ZVON Character Search - unicode character browser

CSS Layout Techniques
CSS Layout Techniques: for Fun and Profit at

explodingdog hi my name is sam,
i draw pictures, from your titles. send me a title, or any thing else you want to talk to me about

a mixture of WWW experiments on bodytag

Fontscape - An independent directory of typefaces organized into categories -- encyclopedia of western signs and ideograms

Pictoplasma - global collection of contemporary character design

logoed - logo inspiration for graphic designers. if you design a lot of logos, sometimes you may find it hard to get inspired, the best way of getting a instant creative boost is to look at good logos from other designers, not to copy, but to use as an influence.